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The traditions at the lake

Besides being a popular tourist destination, Lake Garda presents itself to visitors as a region rich of tradition, dialects and local products. Fishing offers the ingredients for the typical regional cuisine, which includes unique dishes such as "bigoli" with sardines, risotto with tench, grilled sardines perch fillets, sardines in oil. The region is, thanks to the favourable climatic conditions, an excellente wine growing area for wines like Lugana, Garganega and Bardolino.

The Venetian rowing
During the summer months, the visitor can admire the slender boats with four rowers similar to the Venetian gondolas...they are called "bisse" and are the protagonists of a championship that takes place from June to August: the winner gets the flag of the Lake. This night race is usually held on a Saturday in different towns of the lake and has become a spectacle for crews and fans.

Traditional festivals
"Palio delle Contrade" this typical fishing boat race is held every year in Garda on the 15th of August: nine teams, representing the nine historical streets of the country, are fighting for the victory. It is a special day of celebration with parades of the crews and their supporters, flag-waving and final fireworks.
"Sardellata". Related to fishing and the moon, the Sardellata takes place in Garda at the first full moon weekend in July.
Local specialities like fried sardines, "bigoli" with sardines and and a mixture of fried fish is offerd... a good opportunity to taste the regional cuisine!
Wine fesitval - "Festa dell'Uva": It is held in Bardolino usually the first weekend of October and is dedicated to the Bardolino wine. A five days party is taking place on the lake promenade with delicious food, events and concerts.